Gerson was born in the state of São Paulo, and moved to Rio ten years ago.

“I moved to Rio because I wanted to make my dreams come to true,” says Gerson. “I really needed to live in a city. I needed to be in a place where I could work in art, live with art, make art, and do everything with art,” he adds, “I could live in São Paulo, but I prefer to live in Rio because of the sea, because of the nature.”

Gerson is the author of three books, including the authorized biography of Gretchen, a pop superstar in Brazil. He is also a dancer on a popular television show called Amor e Sexo or “Love and Sex” headlined by the gorgeous Fernanda Lima, one of the most famous personalities on television. He’s a big fan of music, but he also loves the Carnival.

Having been in Rio for so long Gerson says he is a carioca at heart. “I’m all the places where I lived,” he says, and adds that every place he lived made him who he is today.

Gerson graduated in dance from the Universidade Federal or Federal University in Rio. For his final thesis, he chose a subject close to his heart: international music. He focused on Madonna’s Reinvention Tour.

“I wanted to show that music can be more than superficial,” says Gerson, who focused on each song of the tour and connected it to the arts in literature and cinema, for example. “I wanted to say that you could use music to reach people. The most important aspect of the tour for me the dialogue between what she was showing and the audience. She showed things that say ‘this is what I believe, this is what I feel, and this is what I think.’ It was as though she was telling them to choose freely. It was a real dialogue.”

I photographed Gerson all over Rio.