[Photos by AJ Paris. All Rights Reserved.]

Welcome! This is a digital version of my book Rio by AJ Paris. All you have to do is click on the sections and you will find all things about land, people, and culture.

I love Rio de Janeiro. I call it simply “Rio.” I have dreamed of this city ever since I was a child when I saw many things related to it. When I had the chance to visit later as a young man I realized it was much more than I had ever imagined. It was beyond my expectations. It was beyond the photos. It was beyond the dreams.

Rio is a beautiful city. No, really, it is. It is a visually beautiful city that celebrates all that I love about the planet: beautiful waters, long and beautiful beaches; beautiful mountains, which seem to be adorned all over the city; and beautiful people, colorful and diverse.

This book, therefore, is about my love for Rio.

I love to travel, take photos, and write. As such this is a photo book with some writings rather than a book of writings with some photos. There are over 100 photos in the book. They occupy full pages. Yet, you will find a little bit of information about my Rio. That means I share information about the land, the people, the culture my way.

I ask you not to expect a guidebook, although there is a lot of information that you could use to enjoy a trip. You might find information to help you when to visit, what to expect, and where to go. However, it is not given to you that way. I’m just living my life and sharing what I love.

That is all.

So, then what is the book about? The book is about the men of Rio, their land, their culture, and their people as I experience them. The men in this book are really diverse. There are different ethnicities. There are different ages. There are different sexualities. There are different economical groups. What they have in common is their relationship to the city, from being born in the city to being a tourist.

One day I will have a book about the women of Rio, too, because that is also a different experience for me. A city, in my opinion, is not about what is for everyone but what is experienced with different groups.

I hope you enjoy it.